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(We are just starting this.  If you have adopted an animal from us, please send us a letter letting us know how your new family member is doing.  Thanks.)

Letter From Adoptive Parents

Patricia adopted a dog that was rescued from a puppy mill.

Jessica went to the vet yesterday and she did very well. Dr. Bushnok was very impressed with her. She received a vaccination booster and a rabies shot. She has o.k. health but she does have gingivitis. She is scheduled to have her teeth clean on August 9th at 2:00p.m., Dr. Bushnok is going to sedate her for the procedure. She will also be check for heartworms and be placed on Heartguard heartworm preventative if everything checks out o.k. Because of her teeth cleaning, I will not be able to have her spayed until August 22nd. I was wondering if that would be o.k. Dr. Bushnok do not want to do the teeth cleaning and spay her at the same time. She thinks it will be to traumatic for her.

Jessica is getting along well with Jasmine, My 6 month old dachshund. Jessica is not as playful as Jasmine but that is to be expected. Jessica loves for me and Rockie to hold her. She also loves to be outside. We take long walks around our one acre yard and she just sniffs everything as she walks around. She does not like our exercise pen I have for her but that's o.k. because we are in the process of installing a pet door and fencing in a portion of our yard. That way Jessica will be free to go outside whenever she wants.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to adopt a rescued dog. We love her dearly.

Thanks again,



Dear Wannda,

I wanted to say thank you for the job you do.  We will never purchase another pet = we will adopt from now on.  Kirby has been a wonderful addition to the family.  Thanks.  Melissa Raibley.


Hello Everybody,

Just a little note to let you know how I'm doing.

First of all, I let Mom know that I didn't like the name "Otis".  So we discussed it and Dad really liked "Kirby" - like the vacuum cleaner.  I agreed and now we're all happy.

Things are great here in my new home.  I get lots of love (and treats).  I have learned to sit, shake, fetch, and walk on a leash.  I'm also house broken - I mastered that skill in the first week with my new family.  I have been real good and have only gotten in trouble a couple of times.  Mom says I can't chew on the furniture or my siblings (the furless ones that is).  She says I'm a quick learner.  I have also learned that kids = food.  They share with me when Mom's not looking.

My furry sister, Gabby (a miniature Australian Shepherd), likes me too.  She lets me sleep close to her and shares her food with me.  She's even teaching me how to catch a Frisbee.  We have a big fenced yard and lots of toys.

At my first vet visit I weighed 14.5 lbs.  Today I weigh 20 lbs.  Dr. Smith says I'm going to get BIG.  But that's okay = Dad's always wanted a big dog.  I've had all my shots -= including rabies and I'm on Interceptor.  I was cured of Coccidia at my first visit and tonight I'll get treated for a tapeworm.  Then I'll be as healthy as I am happy.

Thank you for helping me find a great home and family to call my own.


Kirby Raibley



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