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Every time you buy a dog, there is one put to sleep.  Every time your dog has pups, or your male breeds a female and she has pups, the same amount of pups are put to sleep.  Any dog can offer love and companionship.  “Mutts” have and need love too.  If you do want a specific breed, please adopt one from a rescue group or “breed specific” rescue groups.  You’ll be helping to stop unscrupulous breeding practices and puppy mills.

Joyful Times

I want this one


Below are pictures of pet adoptions.  Helping people and animals find each other is one of our greatest joys.  And no other job we do gives us greater happiness then finding a good forever home for these abandoned animals.  We need more people to volunteer to be a part of this.  Could you take a few hours some Saturday or Sunday afternoon to help find some homes for homeless animals?

We have no pedigree to hang on your wall
Nothing fancy to make you stand tall
But we offer a lot of love for as long as we live
And with all of our hearts, that we will give.


Hoping her charges will find a home today

Abandoned Babies

Maybe someone will pick me today

Hi guys, want to come home with me?

I think they like me

Can I have him?

This one picked me

Going home.  Which one is the luckiest?

I did, I did, I got a home today

Who is the happiest, the new owner, the volunteer, or, yes, I think it's the dog

An exhausting day but well worth it

Trying to save a little one

Childlike innocence.  Puppies don't know the kitten isn't one of them.

Mom and pups accept the kitten

Thanks for making a difference.  If you adopt, foster, volunteer to help, or make a donation to a rescue organization, YOU are helping these precious animals. 

 Thank you.

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