The Animal Farm




The Animal Farm is a non-profit shelter for homeless dogs, cats and abused livestock and it needs your help to provide care, shelter and medical treatment for the animals at the farm.

About the Shelter

Many unwanted and abused animals come to the shelter each year.   The shelter currently has 35 dogs, nine cats, four pigs, five goats and a horse.  We provide medical attention, food and safe shelter for all the animals until they find homes.  The shelter has a no-kill policy.  This means no healthy animal will be put to sleep.

Eskimo, a white German shepherd, is one of the many animals that have been helped and nursed back to health at the Animal Farm.  His owner kept him for two years in an unclean kennel.  When he reached the shelter, he had sores and infection on his feet and stomach.  he was also heartworm positive.  The shelter treated him for heartworms and for the infection.  His hair grew back and he is now a beautiful, healthy dog who was adopted to a home in Jonesboro.  He has been taking obedience classes and loves his new home and life.  The shelter also placed many other dogs and cats in new homes this year.

The Animal Farm also supports spay/neuter.  No animal leaves the shelter without being spayed/neutered.  more than 5 million dogs and cats lose their lives each year in shelters.  Millions of other homeless animals suffer or die from starvation, illness, accident, abuse and neglect.  The answer lies in spaying and neutering to prevent the birth of unwanted animals.  The Animal Farm also works with local schools to educate children about responsible pet care and helps senior citizens who are temporarily unable to care for their pets.

How You Can Help

Become a member:  It's only $25 a year.  You will receive a membership card that allows you to take 10% off purchases at participating businesses.  The membership is good for a year beginning April 2002.

Join the Sponsor Program:  You can help care for the animals at the Animal Farm by joining the sponsor program.  For $10 a month, you can sponsor a pet and visit it as often as you wish.  you will also get a photo of the animals.  This $10 goes to buy food for the animal each month.'

Participate in Fund Raising Activities:  You can also participate in some of our fund-raising activities throughout the year.

Volunteer Your Time:  The shelter needs volunteers to work at the shelter and to help with adoption days at Petco on Saturdays.

Donate: Your donations will make it possible to continue to help the animals until they are placed in homes.  Your donations will make it possible to continue to help the animals until they are placed in forever homes.

Brenda Ramthun, Director
1261 Greene 739 Road, Paragould, AR 72450
Phone 870-248-8117  or 870-240-0064