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Letters from people who adopted

What is a Rescue Group?

What is a rescue group and why do we need them?  If you are not familiar with the need, then you might not be aware of the problem in our country with the very large pet over-population her in the United States.  It's hard to comprehend the LARGE amount of animals born DAILY.  This is a nightmare problem and it's not getting any better.  

 The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are over 70,000 puppies and kittens born every twenty-four hours. That is a whole lot of babies! To even attempt to place those numbers of animals is impossible. There are about seven animals to every human born. The sad fact is that just is not possible to place them all.  I wish it was.

Every year over 20 million animals end up in a shelter. (See the Humane Society Statistics) Over 15 million of them are killed (euthanized is the nice term). Of those animals 61% of the dogs and 75% of the cats are killed. Very few of these are claimed and there are many more that die from disease, starvation, animal attacks and cars!

So what is the answer?  There's only one.  Spay or neuter your pet.  Not doing so is contributing to mass cruelty and irresponsibility!!!

Many people feel that neutering an animal is cruel, it isn’t. In fact, the reverse is true.  The fact is that it is actually much healthier and more beneficial to your animal. (See the true facts about spaying and neutering)  

Until this terrible epidemic is under control, there are groups, like ours, who try to help all the unwanted, abandoned, and helpless animals.  These animals are being dumped to starve to death, freeze to death, be hit by cars and killed, or, if they are lucky, picked up by us or brought to us by someone who cares about animals.

We are doing this to help the animals but also to help people.  Just think, there are seven animals born to each human.  That means that every person in the United States would have to have seven animals and not breed them in order for them all to be placed.  If we were not taking these animals in, they would form packs and there would be massive damage, maybe even some people killed by a starving dog pack.  It's imperritive, for their sake and ours, that we bring this massive problem under control.

So what do we do?  We take in stray animals and animals that people do not want any more.  We try to feed them, get them medical help, shelter them, and try to get them a "forever" home. We can't do this alone.  We need everyone's help.  Everyone can help in some way.  (See Ways to Help)  The over-population problem is your problem too.  Contact a rescue group in your area, or one that rescues the breed you own, and offer to help.  The animals need it, the rescue groups need it, and you need it.  One more thing....

Please Adopt, Don’t Purchase

Every time you buy a dog, there is one put to sleep.  Any dog can offer love and companionship.  “Mutts” have love too.  If you do want a specific breed, adopt one from a rescue group.   You’ll be helping to stop unscrupulous breeding practices and puppy mills.  


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