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Welcome to


Northeast Arkansans For Animals
Cares for Animals

Before you enter our site, please check out our quilt below.  You can honor you beloved pet or give a lasting memorial PLUS help stop animal abuse and help establish a low cost spay & neuter center.

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            This quilt, when completed, will be over 20 ft in length and 18 ft in width.  Hopefully it will contain the names or names and photos of over 1,000 animals.  In addition it will contain the pictures and stories of over 50 abused animals.  Plans are to present this quilt in the early days of the 85th Arkansas General Assembly in 2004, with pleas for them to look seriously at making significant changes in the Arkansas State Laws with regard to animal abuse.  Negotiations are also in the works for the quilt find its resting place in the Smithsonian Institute where it and its story will be a part of American History.


 All proceeds from the sale of the 4 inch pieces of quilt will be used exclusively for the construction of the Spay/Disaster Unit.  This unit will help low income, disabled, elderly and individuals with strays to get animals spayed or neutered at tremendously reduced prices.


Two types of squares are available.

Any 5 lines of text  only $10.00

Photo and 3 lines of text  $20.00

Scooter Jones
Jonesboro, AR
Birthdate 7/2003


    Use the attached form to provide information for your square.  If you choose a picture square, you can provide the picture (if you want the picture back please provide $1.00 extra for postage return) or you can stop by NAFA pet adoption at Petco on Saturday’s from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and we will take a digital picture for you.  Picture square can contain a picture of 1 pet or 1 pet and 1 child/adult.

If you have questions, please call:


To place an order for a quilt square you can order online and pay using PayPal or you can send a check.

To send a check, please print out the order form and send it along with your check to:

Northeast Arkansans For Animals
C/O W. Turner
1708 Clayhill

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Jonesboro , AR 72401

To order online click here



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